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Reducing our carbon footprint

BT is one of the biggest advocates of conferencing. Why? Because year on year BT reports significant savings on using conferencing solutions. In fact, this is how much BT saved in a 12 month* period:

717,000 avoided face to face meetings. $384 in travel costs per meeting. 53,000 tonnes of CO2. $273 million in overall savings.

At BT we have changed our approach to meetings. We only attend meetings in person where it is essential. We choose audio, web or video conferencing as our preferred option when meeting with colleagues, suppliers or business partners.

How BT achieves their results

Every year BT works hard to further embrace conferencing technology. Our success is based on having a consistent approach to adopting a collaboration culture within organizations.

  • We gain stakeholder endorsement, so we always lead from the top
  • We use available media vehicles to promote the benefits of conferencing, including employee communications, company intranet, posters, online booking systems, etc.
  • We set up personal conferencing accounts for individual employees, allowing them to manage their own account
  • We have a dedicated conferencing team offering assistance for new users
  • We provide tutor led training and online training packages to support audio, web and video conferencing
  • We send out regular communications promoting conferencing ‘hints & tips’ and reasons for using conferencing
  • We offer employee incentives and trial offers on all our audio, web and video conferencing solutions

We’ve proved that by working with employees we are able to increase their confidence and gain their commitment to use BT Conferencing as an alternative to face to face meetings.