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How conferencing reduces CO2

Building a sustainable future with BT Conferencing

There’s two ways to look at climate change…challenge or opportunity. At BT Conferencing we see this as a way for businesses to change the way that they work for the better. So how do you go about achieving this with many businesses under pressure to cut costs?

It’s easier than you think. That’s because with BT MeetMe audio conferencing it won’t cost you anything to get started, you’ll see instant savings in CO2, cost and unproductive time from day one and it simply involves the use of a phone.

Welcome to BT Conferencing collaboration solutions…

Audio, web & video conferencing designed to make communications easy by bringing people together without the need to meet face to face. Whatever the situation, we can help. Whether it’s a meeting for three people or more, a company-wide event or a delicate matter such as an interview, we make sure you have the right tools to get the job done.

With BT MeetMe audio conferencing service, we help, to manage budget cuts with our ‘pay as you go’ service and act as a responsible employer.

We give you control to decide on the level of interaction for your meetings, so you can share documents and presentations by adding web conferencing. And, we offer a full range of video conferencing solutions from HD desktop video systems to ‘Telepresence’ the ultimate boardroom solution to provide real-time images when nothing but eye to eye contact will do.

Savings all around

Our conferencing solutions help you to introduce flexible working policies improving work life balance for employees. Ultimately, that could mean a 24/7 operation, working from different locations, in different time zones worldwide, at no extra cost to your business and no real need to travel so that you can reduce your carbon footprint .

What’s more we can help you to measure and demonstrate CO2 and cost savings through conferencing when you take part in a BT Business Benefits Survey of your employees.

Need to know more? Learn More about our business benefits consultancy.