BT MeetMe instant audio conferencing

BT Global Access Numbers

BT Global Access Numbers are provided to minimize International calling costs for both meeting organizers and participants. Depending on the type of conference call we recommend organizers communicate the following telephone numbers to invited participants. By order of preference:

  • Meeting organizers and attendees at any Citrix office that supports five-digit dialing can dial 4CONF (42663) to either host or join a BT meeting. For your US participants provide them with the Dial-In Number which is located on the front of your BT Conference Card: 1-888-371-8921.
  • Where available provide the Country Direct Dial-in (DDI) telephone numbers to your invited attendees. Attendees will only incur local long distance charges if applicable. Typically this will benefit attendees that are located at a Citrix office.
  • As an alternative, for invited attendees that may be remote, calling from their mobile phone, or external to Citrix (for example, a customer sales call) also provide the International Toll Free (ITFN) telephone numbers. This ensures that these participants will not incur either local or long distance charges.
  • As a final recommendation, if you are hosting a conference call and International participants will be joining from a country not listed under Direct Dial-In or International Toll Free, please provide them with the International Dial-In Number which is located on the front of your BT Conference Card: 617-614-4893.
CountryLocal toll-freeLocal dial-inInternational dial-in
Australia18003603940282239396+61 282239396
Austria 0179576003+43 179576003
Belgium080081769027001630+32 27001630
China80099013424008811607+86 4008811607
Costa Rica 40360028+506 40360028
Czech Republic 239000279+420 239000279
Denmark8025138138322948+45 38322948
Finland0800774008069379695+358 69379695
France08009463840171230263+33 171230263
Germany0800724380906950072802+49 6950072802
Hong Kong 30021686+852 30021686
Hungary06809862830617774752+36 17774752
Indonesia001803065981 (When calling from a Telkom fixed line you will need 001 access or can use mobile.)  
Ireland1800800183012421577+353 12421577
Italy8009315280269682847+39 0269682847
Japan012031599700357674319+81 0357674319
Luxembourg800246793420808279+352 3420808279
Malaysia18008179110377124401+60 377124401
Netherlands080031315020202013357+31 202013357
New Zealand0800468045  
Norway8005696423162690+47 23162690
Portugal 214159071+351 214159071
Russia 84959814980+7 4959814980
Saudi Arabia8008445507  
Singapore800852356468232192+65 68232192
South Africa0800161430  
South Korea8000774140234831021+82 234831021
Spain900816452912702688+34 912702688
Sweden0201005410858536925+46 858536925
Switzerland08001111920448009608+41 448009608
Taiwan08090904130221626546+886 221626546
Thailand1800294110027873313+66 27873313
Trinidad and Tobago18002014650  
United Arab Emirates80004444447  
United Kingdom0800028431902073650742+44 2073650742
United States888371892116176144893+1 6176144893
Vietnam12280327 (VIETTEL)