Conferencing solutions

Conferencing is the ability to meet with colleagues, suppliers, and other audiences whenever you want, wherever you are. It can be anything from a simple three-way call to a large event with 2,500 people watching the conference streamed to them using their PC either at their desk or at home (with the appropriate broadband line).

Simply transferring face-to-face meetings over to meetings held over the telephones allows staff to join important meetings from wherever they are, rather than travelling just to join the meeting. Some of the benefits are:

  • Reduced costs. Transportation, parking, meeting room space, and wasted wage costs all fall.
  • Ability to meet at short notice. Wider involvement becomes possible as phone based conferencing increases the ability of your people to join key meetings.
  • Choice of location for meetings. e.g. straight after dropping the children off at school.
  • Reduced carbon footprint as travel decreases.
  • Freed-up meeting room facilities.
  • Record conference calls for those who cannot attend or for keeping a record of what actions where agreed.

Audio conferencing

When you can't meet face-to-face, audio conferencing is an effective alternative. Also called "phone conferencing" and "teleconferencing", it brings together any number of people from almost anywhere in the world.

Web conferencing

Web conferencing adds a dynamic visual element to any audio conference. Share and update documents in real-time, give PowerPoint presentations to colleagues across the globe, and enhance understanding with web demonstrations.

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