Use the guide below to decide which BT Conferencing service is most suitable for your meeting:

Feature Face-to-face Meeting BT MeetMe BT Premium
How many participants? Depends on size of venue/room 2-40 20+ (no limit)
Booking required? Yes. Need to book the venue/room. No. Initially need to register for an account. Yes. Book by phone.
Suitable for what type of meeting/event? When meeting face-to-face is essential to building rapport such as a first meeting. When you need to meet but it's not possible or necessary to meet face-to-face. Ideal for instant or regular project/team meetings. Ideal for more formal events, announcements to your workforce or conferences with a large number of participants. Includes a dedicated event manager to help manage the call.
Examples of meetings Initial customer/supplier meeting Ad-hoc meetings Customer, organisational communications and supplier events
  First project meeting Project updates Company announcements
  Monthly team meetings Weekly team meetings New product launches
  Large training sessions with attendees from same site Small training sessions Training and updates
      Investor relations
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