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Citrix GoToMeeting Web Conferencing allows Citrites locally and abroad to easily and securely show, and collaborate on, any application running on your PC in real-time. It is highly recommended for all internal and external online meetings and collaboration sessions with up to 100 attendees.

Distinguishing Features

  • Have a maximum of 100 attendees per meeting
  • Securely collaborate on applications in real-time
  • Enable any attendee to present their desktop to the group
  • Easily allow attendees to control mouse/keyboard of another desktop
  • Easily start or join a meeting through Outlook or IM applications
  • Great for sales presentations, product demonstrations and training
  • No configuration required so all participants can either host or join quickly and easily

Citrix GoToWebinar Web Conferencing provides enhanced audience presentation features and more attendee capacity (up to 1000 attendees) than GoToMeeting. Citrix GoToWebinar enables individuals and organizations to easily present, train and demonstrate information to large audiences online significantly improving communication to anyone, anywhere in the world. A GoToMeeting account is necessary to gain access to GoToWebinar.

Distinguishing Features

  • Full-service Registration
  • Live Polling
  • Text Question and Answer
  • Toll-free Audio Support
  • Real-time Audience Monitoring
  • Pre-qualified Attendee Reports
  • Up to 1000 attendees

GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar are the preferred web conferencing tool for Citrix meetings.

To request a Corporate GoToMeeting Account, please do the following:

  • Go to http://servicedesk
  • Click on Create a Service Request
  • Click on the dropdown arrow to select a General Issue to expedite your Service Request.
  • In the blank space to search for a General Issue, type %goto and press enter.
  • Click on Application - GoToMeeting Account Request.
  • Next step is to Enter a detailed description in the blank space below.
  • "I need a GoToMeeting Account" would be an example of a detailed description.
  • On the dropdown for the Customer's Suggested Urgency, please select Low Urgency.
  • Click Submit at the top of the Service Request
  • Shortly afterwards you will receive an e-mail from the Citrix GoToMeeting Corporate account administrator. This e-mail will guide you through the setup of logon credentials and software installation process.

For Citrix GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar Support Issues

Contact the Citrix Service Desk at ext.22222 (internal); 866-624-8749 (US); or 1+770-225-3294 (International)

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