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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions: We've organised the following questions into easy to understand categories on BT MeetMe Desktop Controller: General, Getting started, Security, and Troubleshooting. Click on a question to read its answer.


What is BT MeetMe Desktop Controller?

BT MeetMe Desktop Controller is a new value-added feature for BT MeetMe. Accessible from your web browser, Desktop Controller allows you to manage and control BT MeetMe calls and enjoy an extra smooth conference calling experience with enhanced visibility, security, and control.

How does Desktop Controller help me as chairperson during the call?

During the call, Desktop Controller will always show you a real-time list of who's on your call. If someone is missing, you can use Desktop Controller to add them to the call.

At a conference-wide level you can mute and unmute all participants (lecture mode), start a recording, lock the conference, play roll call, enable conference continuation, and end the conference. At a participant level, you can mute and unmute a line, announce their roll call name, edit their display name, and disconnect the line.

*(Please note that if you mute a participant from the Desktop Controller, they will not be able to use *6 to unmute themselves)

How much does Desktop Controller cost?

Desktop Controller is free to download* and there are no monthly fees for the software. The only charges are for actual usage of the BT MeetMe service.
(*Subject to standard pricing for Recording and Dial Out services.)

I'm not a BT MeetMe Global Access customer, but can I use Desktop Controller anyway on my conferencing service?

No - Desktop Controller is a value-added feature for BT MeetMe Global Access customers only. You must have a BT MeetMe Global Access account to benefit from Desktop Controller.

Do I need to have internet access for Desktop Controller to work?

Yes, you will need internet access.

Getting started

How do I launch Desktop Controller?

Desktop Controller can be launched directly from Microsoft Outlook if you have the BT MeetMe Add-in for Microsoft Outlook installed - just click on the Monitor or Join buttons on the toolbar.

Alternatively, if you are an existing BT MeetMe customer, you can access Desktop Controller right now at

As Chairperson with Desktop Controller, can I still dial into the call in the normal way?

Yes - you can still dial into the call in the normal way from any phone. If you are also monitoring the call using Desktop Controller, your name will appear on the real-time listing of call participants as soon as you've dialled in.

Instead of dialling in and punching access codes, can I use Desktop Controller to request a 'dial out' to my phone?

Absolutely. If you prefer, you can use Desktop Controller to help you join the call without needing to remember any access numbers and passcodes. Using the 'Join as Chairperson' feature, you can select any phone you wish to join from and the conference will dial out to you immediately.

Can the chairperson use Desktop Controller to send out a call invitation?

Yes - the chairperson can use Desktop Controller to open an email or calendar appointment on their smartphone pre-populated with their BT MeetMe Global Access details, ready to send out to invited participants.

What dial-in numbers are sent to invited participants?

The toll and toll-free number associated with the conference on that bridge, and would be whatever number was assigned when the conference was created.

How are global access numbers stored/presented in the invitations?

Only the toll and toll-free number associated with the conference on that bridge, which would be whatever number was assigned when the conference was created.

What happens if my BT MeetMe Global Access passcodes (either or both chair or participant passcodes) are changed?

The changes will be automatically pushed down to the Mobile Controller application within 12 hours.

If the chairperson uses the Desktop Controller application to dial-out to a participant, will the cost be incurred on the chairperson's phone bill or onto the cost of the BT MeetMe Global Access call?

The cost will be incurred on the BT MeetMe Global Access call.

What happens if I have more than one BT MeetMe Global Access conference or account?

The Desktop Controller can be configured to use more than one BT MeetMe Global Access conference.


How does Desktop Controller give me greater visibility and security over my BT MeetMe calls?

Desktop Controller improves visibility by displaying the names and/or phone numbers of the participants on your call, in real-time. This leaves you free and comfortable as the chairperson to focus on your meeting, rather than always wondering or needing to ask "who just joined" or "who just dropped off?"

Desktop Controller improves security by enabling you to see if an uninvited guest accidentally joined your call, perhaps because a call runs late and overlaps into another starting call. You will also know exactly who's left your call, so that you're comfortable to have a private debrief with your team at the end of a wider call.

How are participants indentified?

Participants' lines are identified by a phone number and name. If the user has joined the conference through a web initiated call back, the name they have entered will display. If they have dialed in, their number will be looked up against your account provisioned address book and a caller-ID database. Displayed names can be edited by double clicking on the name.

Some of the participants are listed as 'unknown' or 'withheld' - why?

If the participant is calling from a phone number that has Caller ID blocked, then Desktop Controller application will display "number withheld" or "unknown." In cases where the Caller ID is not blocked, then a name, number, or location is displayed.


An error message displayed saying there was a network problem, what should I do?

The Desktop Controller requires an internet connection to function. If there is a network problem, the Controller will inform you with an error message. Check your internet connection and try to monitor again.

Which browsers are supported?

You can use any mainstream browser that is flash-enabled.

If participants are calling from a building that sends out a generic number (perhaps from multiple extensions behind the same switchboard), what will the Desktop Controller application present?

In this case, Desktop Controller will show multiple instances of the numbers presented from that location. Although it is not possible to resolve this common Caller ID against individual participant names, it may present the name of the company associated with that switchboard number.