Global Access Numbers

For international users and participants, Global Access Numbers have been established as a cost-effective method to conduct global conference calls both within your country and outside it.

Below is a list of all Global Access Numbers available to you. Use these numbers only with your BT Reservationless audio conferencing account. If you need Global Access Numbers for an Event Call, please request them when you make your reservation.

Initiating a BT Reservationless audio conferencing Conference using Global Access Numbers

  1. On the list below, locate the country you are calling from.
    1. Use Direct Dial-in Numbers (DDI) to join conference calls. This is almost always the most cost-effective number to use.
    2. If no DDI is available, it may be less expensive to use a neighboring country's DDI. Please check with your local telecom company to evaluate if using a neighboring country's DDI is cost-effective.
    3. If you are traveling or out of the office, please use the associated International Toll-Free Numbers (ITFN).
    4. If you are calling from a country not on this list, you will need to dial the international prefix for the country you're calling from, followed by +1 617 213 8010.
  2. The chairperson should invite the participants to the conference in advance and tell them:
    1. Date, time, and time zone
    2. The local dial-in numbers for each participant's country (found below)
    3. Participant passcode
  3. At the time of the call, the chairperson and participants join the conference by dialing the relevant number identified in step 1. Callers located in North America (Canada, Caribbean islands, and USA) should use 1 866 350 5890 or +1 617 213 8010.
  4. When prompted for a passcode, callers should enter their chairperson or participant passcode, depending on their role, followed by #.

Please note:
In-country numbers are supplied by third party providers and on occasions, may not be available for technical and/or operational reasons. On the day of your call, it is recommended that you dial in from the same location and phone that was tested and be prepared to re-dial using an alternative number (in some cases this may be the international toll number of a region or adjoining country) if you experience difficulties with your local number.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, foreign phone companies may change their numbers without notice. Please review this list often. If you experience a problem, contact the Audio Conferencing Help Desk at 1 800 513 1762 or +1 617 786 4218.

CountryLocal toll-freeLocal dial-inInternational dial-in
Australia18003681040282239233+61 282239233
Austria 0179567766+43 179567766
Belgium080071751027106490+32 27106490
Brazil 01147001566+55 1147001566
China80099013464008811617 (Available for all major carriers)+86 4008811617 (Available for all major carriers)
Costa Rica0800013085640360029+506 40360029
Czech Republic 239000278+420 239000278
Denmark8025138738487522+45 38487522
Dominican Republic18887518212  
Finland08007740360969379578+358 969379578
France08009463890155698446+33 155698446
Germany0800180763806950070648+49 6950070648
Hong Kong80090387630021614+852 30021614
Hungary06809862900617774751+36 17774751
Ireland1800450136012421027+353 12421027
Italy8009315430269682704+39 0269682704
Japan01209261600357674304+81 357674304
Luxembourg800252283420808205+352 3420808205
Malaysia18008179180377124344+60 377124344
Netherlands080002285140202013833+31 202013833
New Zealand0800468048099703104+64 99703104
Norway8005697123162782+47 23162782
Portugal800209621214154477+351 214154477
Russia 84959812123+7 4959812123
Saudi Arabia8008447568  
Singapore800852359568232137+65 68232137
South Africa0800166500  
South Korea800077416  
Spain900816458912702456+34 912702456
Sweden0201005480858536813+46 858536813
Switzerland08001112700446545588+41 446545588
Thailand1800294118027873320+66 27873320
Trinidad and Tobago18002017264  
Turkey8888039181 (Click here for access code to dial before dialing number)  
United Arab Emirates80004411988  
United Kingdom0800404984002073659193+44 2073659193
United States866516539316172134221+1 6172134221