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As an HR or Training professional, your goal is not only attracting great candidates...

...but also finding solutions that keep you and your company's employees engaged, productive and satisfied.

BT Conferencing is a leading provider of audio, web, and video collaboration solutions. Our business model is focused on an enterprise's ability to realize return on its investments - meaning: we don't benefit until your users adopt and embrace collaboration tools in their daily working lives. It is this approach and practice that makes us unique in how we help HR professionals.

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Audio conferencing

Meet securely over the phone at a moment's notice or present to over 1,000 participants with the help of a professional conference coordinator — Global Access Numbers available for over 52 countries. Read more

Web conferencing

Because it isn't real until they see it. Share what's on your desktop and collaborate in real-time on most common document types, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Read more


For some meetings, nothing beats meeting face-to-face — without the hassle and cost of business travel. Read more

BT Conferencing is proud to partner with Cisco WebEx to deliver our web conferencing service. This allows you to show anything on your desktop to anyone, anywhere.

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