Benefits of conferencing for Personal Assistants

Faster and easier set up of meetings
Conferencing can allow you to arrange meetings promptly and without worrying about people's location or needing to find an available meeting room. This can often be a problem especially when the meeting needs to be arranged at short notice.

Faster amendments to documents
Live Meeting web conferencing can allow participants to share information, documents and ideas online, enhancing discussion and making it easier to work together. The record facility means that you do not have to take minutes, saving you time having in not having to type them up afterwards.

Better Work-Life Balance
As all the above examples demonstrate conferencing saves time making your work life easier and efficient, which leads to a better Work-Life balance.

Reduced costs
Travelling costs.
Accommodation costs.
Catering costs.

Less travel
Easier to change and arrange multiple meetings in a day than if you were physically constrained by amending flights / trains / hotels bookings.

Efficient working
Doing more in less time.
Move slides in a training presentation.
Share Internet sites.

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