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BT Premium Event

Broaden the reach and increase the quality of your most important conferences. BT Premium Event, our highest level of managed event service is ideal for important announcements and high profile meetings.

With BT Premium Event, our event coordinators help you plan and prepare for your event so you can focus on delivering the content of your meeting.

Speed and quality of communication is vital in today's competitive environment. Whether it’s announcing financial results to investors, launching a product or keeping staff informed, how you communicate makes a difference.Your meetings need to come off without a hitch and appear seamless to your audience.

Key Features of BT Premium Event

  • Pre-call planning - users register ahead of time allowing host to preview all registrants online.
  • Pre-registration - users register ahead of time and you can view who is planning to attend.
  • Private sub-conference - meet with your event manager and fellow presenters before the call starts to go over last-minute details.
  • Personalized introduction - event manager introduces host and any speaker(s) into the call
  • Web presentation - add an interactive visual element to your conference with web conferencing. Display documents, PPTs or other visuals
  • Private line with event manager - manage your event call using a private phone line with the event manager to coordinate call details.
  • End-user support and education programs - receive helpful hints and tips on how to use the service and all of the features.
  • Vantage point - Online event management tool which includes: IM and online representation of your Q&A prioritization.
  • Q&A session - Prompt participants to key a command to signal their question. The participant enters a queue and is introduced one by one by the event manager.
  • Interpretation Services - A live interpretation service is available for international events with language requirements.
  • Post event activities - distribute recordings to participants who could not make the live event. Receive participant lists to feed your CRM systems to follow up with any post event materials.