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How to use BT MeetMe Chair Dial-out

BT MeetMe Chair Dial-out requires actions from both the chairperson and the participant.

As the chairperson

  1. Start your BT MeetMe Global Access conference call
  2. Press #3 on your telephone keypad.
  3. At the voice prompt, press *1 to confirm that you want to initiate a dial-out from your conference.
  4. Enter your participant passcode folowed by # to validate your request.* A voice prompt will indicate if the passcode is valid or if you need to try again.
  5. Enter the number (including all appropriate local or international dialing prefixes) that you wish to call, followed by #. This will prompt the system to dial out to the phone number you provided.**
  6. You will be successfully returned to the conference.


* Once you have validated your participant passcode, you will not need to complete this step again if further dial-outs are required throughout the duration of the same meeting.
** Additional charges are billed for each dial-out participant joining your conference. Charges are subject to your terms and conditions.

As the participant

  1. Answer your phone
  2. A voice prompt will instruct you to press *1 to join the call
  3. If name recording is switched on for the chairperson's MeetMe account, you will be asked to record your name after the tone followed by #.
  4. You will now be entered into the meeting