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Scheduling and starting a meeting

The Meeting Center Schedulers

You can schedule a WebEx meeting using either the Advanced Scheduler or the Quick Scheduler, both of which are available after you log in to your WebEx site.

The Advanced Scheduler lets you add more information about your meeting, while the Quick Scheduler is often used to start a meeting on short notice.

To open and use the Advanced Scheduler:

  1. Click Host a Meeting > Schedule a Meeting on the left navigation bar of your WebEx Meeting Center site. Your site might be configured for the Quick Scheduler to open.
  2. Click Advanced Scheduler. The Advanced Scheduler opens on the 'Required Information' page.
    Your 'Teleconference account' details are automatically populated.
    Advanced Scheduler - Required Information
  3. Enter a Meeting topic, then enter and confirm the password (if asked).
  4. Click Start if you want the meeting to begin immediately, or click each of the links on the right-hand side of the page and complete the information.
  5. Click Schedule Meeting when you are done entering the additional information.

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To open and use the Quick Scheduler:

  1. Click Host a Meeting > Schedule a Meeting on the left navigation bar of your WebEx Meeting Center site.
  2. Click Quick Scheduler. The Quick Scheduler opens on the 'Schedule a Meeting' page.
    Quick Scheduler - Schedule a meeting
  3. Enter a Meeting topic, then enter and confirm the password (not mandatory).
  4. Specify the Date, Time, and Duration.
  5. Enter the Attendees.
  6. Click Start.

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Start a Meeting

The host will start a scheduled meeting. Hosts can also start an unscheduled 'instant meeting' and then invite other participants to join.

To start a scheduled meeting:

  1. Log in to your Meeting Center site and click My WebEx on the top navigation bar. A list of meetings appears.
    Start a scheduled meeting - My WebEx Meetings
  2. Select the meeting from the list and click Start. The Meeting window opens.

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To start an instant meeting:

On your WebEx site, click Meet Now on the left navigation bar. The meeting window opens, and you can then invite participants. Learn more about instant meetings here.
Start an instant meeting - Meet Now

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Schedule a meeting in Outlook

WebEx Integration to Outlook, available as part of WebEx Productivity Tools, enables you to easily schedule, start, or join WebEx meetings using Microsoft Outlook. If you have installed WebEx Productivity Tools, the WebEx toolbar appears in the Outlook Ribbon.

Outlook integration - Meet Now and Schedule Meeting

Note: If you have not installed Productivity Tools, learn how to here.

With Integration to Outlook, you can invite attendees using any of your Outlook address lists. After you send a meeting invitation, the meeting automatically appears on your Outlook calendar. Attendees do not need to use Outlook integration to join the meeting.

Specifying Account Settings

Before using Outlook to schedule a WebEx meeting, you need to provide your account information.

  1. On the Outlook Ribbon, click Schedule Meeting, then select Account Settings. The WebEx Settings dialog appears.
  2. Your WebEx account information was automatically configured during installation. Verify your WebEx site URL and user name, enter your password, then click OK. The 'Communicating with server' message is displayed while your login information is verified and saved.

To schedule a WebEx Meeting

  1. Click Schedule Meeting in the Outlook Ribbon. A new appointment window opens.
  2. Enter the meeting information as you normally would.
  3. Click Add WebEx Meeting. The 'WebEx Settings' dialog appears.
  4. Enter a meeting password and modify settings as necessary.
  5. When you have finished scheduling and modifying settings, click OK.
  6. Click Send. Attendees will receive an email invitation with a link to the meeting, and the meeting will be added to your Outlook calendar and to the scheduled meetings list on your My WebEx page.

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