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General questions

What is Live Meeting?

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is an online meeting space to which your organization subscribes. With Microsoft Office Live Meeting, you can meet with your colleagues online, which allows you to collaborate in real time, even over long distances. As a hosted Web conferencing service Live Meeting enables you to communicate and collaborate using just a PC and an internet connection. From small collaborative meetings to large-scale presentations, Live Meeting provides a solution for all of your online presentation and meeting needs.

I have forgotten my Live Meeting password and user ID, how do I get them?

Please contact the help desk

What is the difference between the Standard and Professional Editions of Live Meeting?

Live Meeting Standard Edition provides a host of features that include presentation tools and attendance reporting as well as application and desktop sharing for use in scheduled and ad-hoc meetings. Live Meeting Standard also delivers enhanced integration and upgraded in-meeting functions that were previously available only in Live Meeting Professional.

Live Meeting Professional Edition provides advanced functionality to enhance the flexibility and overall experience associated with meeting online. Offering all of the features found in Live Meeting Standard, Live Meeting Professional also includes a host of upgraded in-meeting, post-meeting, and administrative features.

What do I need to do before I start a Live Meeting?

If you simply want to join a meeting that someone else scheduled, you can click the Join the meeting link in the e-mail invitation. Live Meeting will prompt you if any software installation is needed.

For more information about how to start, schedule and join a Live Meeting go to the Live Meeting support pages.

How many people can be presenters in one meeting?

Live Meeting enables multiple presenters to work together in a meeting with one presenter assigned as the Active Presenter. Any presenter can be made the Active Presenter, and presenters can choose to promote other meeting participants to have presenter privileges. Rather than having to pass the baton to another presenter, Live Meeting gives users the convenience of having multiple presenters so that non-active presenters can manage participants.

Can you conduct live meetings directly from Microsoft Office programs like Word® or Excel®?

Yes. The Live Meeting Add-In Pack enables you to schedule and conduct meetings directly from Microsoft Office programs (such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Visio, and Project) as well as Microsoft Windows Messenger.

What are the differences between the web access and windows console?

The following features, available in the Microsoft Windows-based client, are NOT available in Office Live Meeting Web Access:

  • Computer audio
  • Webcam and Microsoft RoundTable video
  • Viewing audio status for attendees
  • Docking menu panes
  • Keyboard navigation and shortcuts
  • Sharing a single application
  • Using desktop sharing and frame sharing when running on Windows® (these features are available when running on Sun® Solaris™ or Apple® Macintosh®)
  • Creating and sharing a screen snapshot
  • Saving Shared Notes by using the Save icon
  • High fidelity PowerPoint rendering and slide animation
  • Controlling synchronized playback of multimedia content
  • Uploading and deleting handouts (the Web-based client supports downloading handouts)
  • Breakout room setup and management (breakout rooms are supported, but setup and management must be done using a Windows-based client)
  • Personal recording
  • Localized user interface (only English is available)
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Audio support

What options does Live Meeting provide for the audio portion of my meeting?
Audio conference call controls in Live Meeting enable BT Conferencing audio customers to simply and effectively control an audio conference call directly from the Meeting Console and provide the capability to perform a variety of integrated, in-meeting functions.

How do I connect to the audio portion of my Office Live Meeting?

Simply dial the BT MeetMe Global Access dial-in number and enter the passcode noted on your wallet card or from your welcome email. If you do not have these, you will be reminded of the number as you log into the Live Meeting.

What is "audio integration"?

Audio integration means your Office Live Meeting account is associated with a BT MeetMe account for easier set-up and joining of conferences. When you log in for the first-time, we recommend that you enter your BT MeetMe account details noted on your wallet card in the Audio section of your Meeting Options. The benefit is that your participants can simply click on the URL in their invitation to see the visual elements of the meeting, while their phone rings to link them to the audio side. Please note that there are additional charges associated with this feature.

Also, from your Office Live Meeting console, you can control the audio portion of the call with commands that allow you to mute all participant lines, lock the conference, and more.

I would like to use the breakout room feature, but I understand there is no current audio integration available. What else could I do?

You can still use this feature as participants can use the non-verbal communication tools to communicate with each other; for example online chat, Q&A, white board, text screens and content sharing. You also have the option to set up the breakout rooms with audio by asking the participants to split into separate audio calls for each breakout room and dial back into the main conference call when required to.

Can I use Office Live Meeting with BT Conferencing BT Premium Event?

Yes, you will need to still book your BT Conferencing BT Premium Event by calling the Help Desk. Since BT Conferencing BT Premium Event uses different dial-in numbers than BT MeetMe Global Access, use only the dial-in numbers in your BT Conferencing BT Premium Event confirmation email.

If you want to use the audio integration capabilities of Office Live Meeting, we recommend that you temporarily change your dial-in numbers in your Office Live Meeting preferences to those in your BT Conferencing BT Event Call confirmation email on the day of your BT Conferencing BT Event Call.

Can I use Internet phone (VOIP) for audio in a meeting?

Yes - Live Meeting provides two-way VoIP audio capability which allows chairpersons/participants to use their desktop phone or PC speakers and microphone to attend a meeting.

Important to note that the Live Meeting VoIP feature is internet reliant and there will be no audio helpdesk support available. To assure a superior audio experience it is recommended that Live Meeting users use their BT MeetMe Global Access accounts to connect to the audio portion of the meeting.

Using BT MeetMe Global Access will assure a superior audio experience and users will be supported with easy access to operator assistance during the meeting if assistance is required.

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What does a Price Per Minute licensing option mean?

The Price Per Minute option provides a "Pay-As-You-Go" service for which your organization is charged for the number of minutes used by each participant during the meeting.

Are Room licenses available on Live Meeting 2007?

No, the dedicated meeting Room license is not available in Live Meeting 2007, only the Price Per Minute and Named User Licensing options are available.

Are Concurrent Seat licenses available on Live Meeting 2007?

No, the Concurrent Seat license is not available in Live Meeting 2007, only the Price Per Minute and Named User Licensing options are available.

What does a Named User licensing option mean?

A Named User license must belong to an individual, rather than a company or department, there is no limit on the number of meetings a Named User can have per month.

What is the privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to us, please read the full privacy policies of BT Conferencing to find out more:

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Interacting with the audience

In a meeting what options do I have to interact with my audience?

Live Meeting offers a host of interactive tools that enable presenters to convey their message in a small collaborative environment or large event setting. These tools provide an interactive atmosphere for meeting presenters and create a comfortable, engaging environment for all meeting attendees to communicate their thoughts and feedback.

Tools included are:

  • PowerPoint Viewer
  • Application and Desktop Sharing
  • Remote Control and Assistance
  • Whiteboards
  • Text Slides
  • Web Slides
  • Real-Time Polls
  • Annotations
  • Chat
  • Question Manager
  • Seating Chart and Mood Indicator
Is there a way to see which participants are using the Windows console and which participants are using the Java console?

Yes, the support console available to organizers displays this information.

How can I let others present in my Live Meeting if they have already joined?

Select the Attendees menu, then right click on the attendees name and select the Promote to Presenter option from the drop down menu.

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What languages are supported?

Language support is available in the Meeting Console, Invitations, Chat, the Question Manager, and customer support. Languages supported include English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese. With Live Meeting, users can even have multiple language consoles in a meeting based on individual participants' language preferences.

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What recording and playback options does Live Meeting offer?

Live Meeting Replay captures everything in the meeting including the live demonstrations, annotations, notes, and visuals—even live web slides and video. Recordings are automatically hosted from the Live Meeting Web conferencing service, making them instantly available with a click of the mouse. On-demand viewing of the Live Meeting Replay is done with industry-standard Microsoft Windows Media Player.

How do I record a meeting?
  1. From the Recording pane, click Options
  2. Choose where you want to save your recording and what you want to record
  3. Click Record.
  4. To save your recording, click the Stop icon, and choose Save Recording.
  5. To check the status of your recording, navigate within the Recording pane: Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 > Microsoft Office Live Meeting Recording Manager.

For more information, visit the ??? support guide

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Scheduling and Starting a meeting

With Live Meeting what options do I have scheduling and initiating a meeting?
  • With the Schedule Meeting page, easily schedule new meetings with one or more participants, set up the meeting date and time, define access options, and invite people to the meeting.
  • The Meet Now command provides the fastest and easiest way to launch an immediate, spontaneous meeting.
  • The Meeting Lobby helps organizers conduct meetings without having to send out invitations to attendees by providing a static and user-friendly URL for the lobby.
How do I schedule an Office Live Meeting via Outlook?

You must have the Outlook Add-in installed for this functionality.Download the Outlook Add-in.

  1. Use your Outlook calendar to schedule meetings as you normally would.
  2. Prior to sending the meeting invitation, select Make this an Office Live Meeting located at the top of the meeting information box.
  3. Select who will be allowed presenter status by clicking on the Presenter // Attendees tab and then click OK.
  4. Send your email as you normally would.
How do I launch an Office Live Meeting instantly via Outlook?

You must have the Outlook Add-in installed for this functionality. Download the Outlook Add-in.

How do I schedule meetings via the web and send out invitations?
  • From the My Home Page: Click Schedule Meeting
  • Enter attendees' and presenters' email addresses, the subject, the date and time of the meeting.
  • Click Meeting Options to complete the meeting.
  • Click Audio located under Meeting Options.
  • Enter your BT MeetMe information:
    • Toll-free dial-in number
    • Toll dial-in number
    • Participant code (participant passcode)
    • Leader code (chairperson passcode)
  • Click Set as Default, then OK
  • Click Send Invitations to send meeting invitations. The presenter invitation will be automatically sent to the meeting organizer. The meeting organizer can also join as a presenter through the Meeting Details page.
  • Click Save if you prefer to send the meeting invitation later.
How do I schedule meetings via 'Meet Now' and send out invitations?
  • On the Welcome to Microsoft Office Live Meeting page, click Meet Now to start your unscheduled meeting.
  • To invite participants, navigate within the Attendees pane: Attendees > Invite > By email.
  • An email message will open with the Live Meeting details for your meeting.
I want to schedule a Live Meeting, but some of the people I want to include will not have access to a computer. Can they still participate in the meeting?

Although people without a computer won't be able to see the meeting, they can still participate in the audio portion of the meeting. With the Microsoft Office Live Meeting service, you can set up a meeting to use both computer audio and telephone conferencing. The meeting organizer must choose both of these audio options when scheduling the meeting. Then, when the meeting starts, any presenter can connect the audio, so that computer users and telephone conferencing users can hear each other.

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System requirements and Installation

What are the Live Meeting system requirements?

As a hosted Web conferencing service, Live Meeting has no server software to install or deploy. Anyone can participate in a Live Meeting using just a PC, an Internet connection, and a telephone. A Windows-based meeting client is available for users of the Microsoft Windows operating system, and a browser-based meeting client is available for users of the Macintosh and Solaris operating systems.

Does the Windows console require the download and installation of an application?
>Yes, the Windows console is an application that must be installed. The software is installed the first time a user enters a meeting. Once installed, the user can attend subsequent meetings.

Does Live Meeting work through firewalls?

Yes. Live Meeting enables you to communicate and collaborate with remote participants even if they are joining the online meeting from behind a firewall.

Does Office Live Meeting support a Java console?

Yes, a Java console is supported for those participants using non-Windows operating systems (Mac, Unix) and those in "locked-down" desktop environments who cannot install applications.

How do I deploy Live meeting across a very large organization?

The Live Meeting Intranet Portal enables organizations to easily deploy the Live Meeting service by integrating with Active Directory to authenticate users on the corporate network.

Why do I see a section for "Server" in the account configuration dialog box?
p>Some organizations host meetings on their internal servers, and others subscribe to the Office Live Meeting service. Your administrator will give you the information you need to configure Live Meeting for the service. You can leave the Server section blank if it does not apply to you.

How do I know if I have the meeting client installed?

You can determine if the Microsoft Office Live Meeting client is installed on your computer by clicking Start, clicking All Programs, and then looking in the program list for Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007.

What if I cannot install the meeting client?

With the Microsoft Office Live Meeting service, you can join a meeting even if you are unable to install the meeting client on your computer. If you do not have the meeting client installed and you try to join the meeting, Microsoft Office Live Meeting will display an option for connecting to the meeting using a Web browser. There are some limitations to connecting this way, but most of the meeting features are available to you.

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There are no Live Meeting buttons on my Outlook toolbar. What can I do?

Within Outlook, click on View in the top toolbar, then click Toolbars and ensure Live Meeting is checked. If not, there are two options:

Check the Help toolbar:

  • Click on Help then About Microsoft.
  • If there is a box labelled Disabled Items, click the button. Otherwise, skip to 'Re-install the Outlook Plug-in.
  • Look for an item labelled Live Meeting or Web Conferencing and enable it.

Re-install the Outlook Plug-in:

  • Navigate to your Windows <Control Panel.
  • Select Add/Remove Programs.
  • Search for the item Microsoft Office Live Meeting Add-in Pack and remove it.
  • Run the Outlook Plug-in installation again.

If it does appear in the Toolbar, click on Customize within the Toolbars menu, and make sure Live Meeting is checked off.

I am having trouble scheduling meetings via Outlook. Who do I contact?

Please contact the help desk

What if I cannot log on to my Live Meeting account via Outlook?

Ensure that the Organizer User ID, Password and Live Meeting Web Address are correct, if it is still not working please contact the help desk

I get a 'Message Undeliverable' error when sending Live Meeting invites from Outlook. What do I do?

If your e-mail server is working (i.e. you can send e-mail) then the problem is probably one of the following:

  • You haven't filled in the subject field for the appointment. Live Meeting requires it.
  • Your chosen subject is too long. There is a maximum of 64 characters allowed.
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