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Schedule a Live Meeting from
within Lotus Notes

Install the Lotus Notes Add-in

You can schedule Office Live Meeting conferences directly from your Lotus Notes calendar by installing the Lotus Notes Add-in. Click here to download the free Lotus Notes Add-in

How to set up your Lotus Notes Add-in

Once you have download the conferencing Add-in for Lotus Notes on your computer, you will see a Live Meeting toolbar added to your Lotus Notes toolbar.

Screen shot of how your Lotus Notes Add-in will appear in your Lotus Notes tool bar.

If the Live Meeting buttons are not visible in the Lotus Notes toolbar after installation, you may need to enable the toolbar in the Lotus Notes toolbar preferences. If the toolbar is enabled in the Toolbar preferences menu and the Live Meeting buttons are still not visible, you may need to display the Live Meeting buttons by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the toolbar as shown below.

Step 1: In your Lotus Notes Calendar, click Additional Live Meeting Functions, and then click Preferences.

Step 2: In the User Accounts dialog box, under the Live Meeting Service section, enter your Live Meeting URL link into the text box, you will need to remove /loginPage from the end of your URL.

Live Meeting URL example -

Note: Remove /loginPage from the end of your Live Meeting URL.

Check the box 'I enter a user name and password to access my account'. Then in the text boxes provided, enter your Live Meeting User name and Password your login information.

Note: If you do not know your login information, please refer to your Live Meeting wallet card or welcome email.

Step 3: Finally, verify your login information by clicking on Test Connection.

How to schedule and invite participants

Step 1: After downloading and setting up the Lotus Notes Add-in you will find a Live Meeting tool bar added to your Lotus Notes toolbar, click Schedule A Live Meeting.

Step 2: Enter the participants name(s), subject for the meeting, then Select start and End dates and times for the meeting.

Step 3: On the Office Live Meeting toolbar, click Make this an Office Live Meeting. Meeting settings appear based on your scheduled meeting preferences

Step 4: To designate presenters click Add Live Meeting information to invitation. Then select Invite Presenter. Then add presenter names.

Step 5: Click Meeting Options to enter additional information about the meeting, including Details, Entry Control, Meeting Lobby, Additional Features, Expiration, Audio, and Recording information, and then click OK.

Step 6: Click Send.

Step 7: The participants will receive their email invitation and the meeting will be scheduled in their Outlook calendar.

How to join your meeting

Connect to Office Live Meeting

Step 1: In Lotus Notes, simply open your calendar and click Join as Presenter in your appointment item. Enter your Name, Meeting ID, and Meeting Key (if required to join the meeting).

Step 2: Click Join Meeting

Note: Participants that are first-time users should allow 10-15 minutes to download the Office Live Meeting plug-in before the meeting.

Connect to BT MeetMe

If you have audio integration set up with your meeting you then only need to connect to the Live Meeting service at the start of your meeting, where you will then be given instructions on how to connect to your BT MeetMe service, removing the need to dial-in using your phone.

If you do not have audio integration set up, at the start of your meeting, dial your BT MeetMe dial-in number noted on your wallet card and follow the prompts. Enter your chairperson's passcode, followed by hash. Participants follow the same instructions and enter their passcode, followed by hash.

To prevent fraudulent use, please do not share your chairperson passcode. For further instructions on how to set up audio integration go to the audio integration guide.

How will your participants join your meeting

Step 1: Invited participants will click on the meeting URL in the participant meeting invitation that they would have received from you as the chairperson.

Step 2: Participants to enter their Display Name, the Meeting ID, and Meeting Key (if required to join the meeting).

Step 3: Participants follow the same audio instructions as you.