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Start a Live Meeting using
"Meet Now"

You can start an unscheduled Live Meeting by using the Meet Now meeting option, using either Outlook / Lotus Notes or the Live Meeting console.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click All Programs, point to Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007, and then click Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007.
  3. On the Welcome to Microsoft Office Live Meeting page, click Meet Now to start your unscheduled meeting.

To invite participants to your Meet Now meeting

  1. Once you have entered the Live Meeting client, click on the Attendees pane.
  2. In the Attendees pane, point to Invite, and then click By E-mail.
  3. An email message will appear with the Live Meeting details for your meeting.
  4. In the To box of the e-mail invitation, type the e-mail addresses for your participants, separating each address by a semi-colon.
  5. To send the invitation, click Send.

    (Screen shot of how to invite participants to your Meet Now meeting)

  6. Open your BT MeetMe using either the audio integration option or by dialling your BT MeetMe dial-in number noted on your wallet card / welcome email and follow the voice prompts.

How your participants will join your meeting

  1. Invited participants will click on the meeting URL in the participant meeting invitation that they would have received from you as the chairperson.
  2. Participants to enter their Display Name, the Meeting ID, and Meeting Key (if required to join the meeting).
  3. Participants follow the same audio instructions as you.