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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions: We've organized the questions into easy to understand categories for the BT Engage Mobile App and its features: Getting Started, Scheduling, and Functionality.

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Getting Started

How do I become a BT customer and get an account?

To use this Mobile App from BT Conferencing, you must first sign up for a BT Engage Meeting Manager account so that you have access to our services. Signing up for an account is simple and free. You can sign up for an account by using the following link:

For more information on our services, please contact your BT Conferencing Sales representative or call: +44 (0) 870 001 7726 (UK) or 1 888 947 3663 (US).

Are there any pre-requisites to downloading the BT Engage Meeting Mobile App?

Yes, you need to use BT video conferencing services and have a BT Engage Meeting Manager account. The mobile app works with this web-based software application to give you the flexibility and convenience of scheduling, launching, monitoring and controlling video conferences when youíre on the go. You must have an iPhone, iPad Android OS or Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device to operate the app.

How do I download BT Engage Meeting Mobile?

Visit your App store from your device and in a few steps download the free BT Engage Meeting Mobile App. From there, login with your BT Engage Meeting Manager username and password, and youíre ready to start managing and scheduling your video conferences and resources. You must have an iPhone, iPad Android OS or Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device to operate the app.

How do I get login/account information for the BT Engage Meeting Mobile App?

You can use your existing BT Engage Meeting Manager web portal user name/password to access the phone app.

Iím a BT MeetMe customer. Is there also a mobile app to support audio conferencing?

Yes. The BT MeetMe Mobile Controller app allows you to easily and effectively manage your BT MeetMe audio conferences from your BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile smartphone. The app is quick to install and easy to use, and provides users with enhanced security and great features.

To find out more, follow this link:

To download BT MeetMe Mobile Controller, visit this link on your smartphone:

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Scheduling with your BT Engage Meeting Mobile App

How do I cancel a future meeting?

Click on any meeting from either the List or Calendar view after login, and then click the Cancel button on the meeting detail screen. If the Cancel button is not visible, itís likely too late to cancel, or the video meeting was not set-up as a Self-service call.

How do I control an ongoing video meeting?

If a Self-service video meeting is currently in progress, a ďControlĒ button will be visible on the meeting detail screen, which brings up the meeting controller screen.

On the meeting controller screen, a green checkmark next to the site name indicates the site is connected, while a red cross indicates the site is disconnected (no video). A temporary question mark icon means the status is being refreshed. One can connect/disconnect each site by tapping the site name, after which a spinning wheel icon will appear momentarily next to the site indicating it is being connected/disconnected.

How do I pick sites on the Site Selection screen?

Simply tap a site name to select/de-select each site.

How do I change the host site of a new meeting?
By default, the first site you selected will be used as the host site. You have the option to change to a different site on the Preview screen by tapping a site name.

This screen is automatically refreshed to reflect connected sites and your meeting status. You can optionally extend or end a live meeting using the corresponding button.

I can schedule a meeting using the web portal, but I donít see the Add Meeting (Plus-sign) button after I sign in to the app. Why?

This is likely due to the fact that your company requires special steps when scheduling a meeting that are outside of the capability of the current mobile app. Check with your Administrator to discuss the issues youíre having. Also, please look for future updates in the App Store, as we keep adding more features.

What types of meetings can I schedule with this app?

You can schedule either a room reservation, or a Self-service video meeting, provided your company is provisioned for either or both of these meeting types.

How do I schedule a video meeting that starts right away?

On the Meeting Type/Time screen, when you choose the Self-service video meeting type, a "Launch Now" Yes/No switch will appear. If Yes is selected, the meeting will start right after you schedule it, and the meeting controller screen will display automatically.

What sites can I view and schedule a meeting with?

You can view/select any sites associated with your login credentials. Any sites that are not available during the chosen time slot will not appear on the Site Selection screen.

How do I manually start a meeting?

If your user account is provisioned for the manual-start option, you can start a scheduled video meeting (and have all sites connected at once) by clicking the Start button on the meeting detail screen, as soon as the meeting start time arrives. Otherwise your video meeting will start automatically.

Will I get standard confirmation for the meetings I have scheduled using BT Engage Meeting Mobile?

Yes. All normal meeting confirmations/iCals will be sent out in the same way as if you scheduled a video meeting using the web portal.

Can I schedule recurring meetings?

Not at this time. You can only schedule stand-alone meetings with the app, but you can schedule recurring meetings through our BT Engage Meeting Manager tool.

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What can I do with BT Engage Meeting Mobile?

You can view/cancel/control your meetings, as well as schedule new meetings

What meetings can I view with this app?

You can view any future meetings of which you are either the Requestor or Host person. Meetings that have been cancelled or have ended in the past will not be visible from this app.

What does the icon next to each meeting mean?

Video Meeting

Room Reservation

A green up-arrow will appear with the icon if a meeting is in progress

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