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Global Video Exchange

Collaboration means more than just working effectively within your organization. It's also about connecting with customers and colleagues, and aligning an external community of people and companies essential to your business success.

With the industry-leading BT Global Video Exchange, you're able to easily and securely meet with a broad community of your customers, partners, and vendors over Cisco TelePresence. The Global Video Exchange transforms your Cisco TelePresence investment from an internal collaboration tool to an external meeting platform for all facets of your business.

To accommodate varying customer requirements, we offer flexibility in service tiers. Choose unassisted Direct Dial when you pick up the IP phone and call a second Cisco TelePresence site. Or, use BT Engage Meeting Manager, an easy-to use web interface, to schedule a Cisco TelePresence call.  You also have the option of scheduling Self-service meetings that automatically dial your TelePresence devices, or Reserved Dial meetings where users dial an Access Number and Participant Passcode to launch meetings.  Or, if a higher level of support is required, you can choose Producer Assistance and our team of experts will take your reservation, launch your call, and monitor your connections throughout your meeting.

In addition to using the BT Global Video Exchange to meet with external communities, customers can also use the service to supplement their internal infrastructure - for failover or supplementary capacity.

Customers who prefer to have their Cisco TelePresence application delivered as a service can simply subscribe to the BT Global Video Exchange and the BT Cloud CUCM service. Combined, these two services provide a turn-key, cloud-based TelePresence application. Customers need only obtain the endpoints of their choosing and LAN+WAN connectivity.

Global Video Exchange benefits

  • TelePresence community - The BT Global Video Exchange provides a combination of on-net clients who subscribe to BT's service, plus off-net clients who subscribe to exchange services offered by other providers. You're now able to access them all using a single gateway to TelePresence users around the world.
  • Low latency global footprint - TelePresence meetings are more like in-person meetings when the overall network latency is low. The BT Global Video Exchange helps minimize the impact of latency by routing your meetings through the closest BT Global Video Exchange node.
  • Security and redundancy - The BT Global Video Exchange preserves the inherent privacy and security of your TelePresence application. Meetings can be encrypted and the security of your private TelePresence network is preserved by the Global Video Exchange.