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Meet with participants in distant offices as comfortably as you do in-person in an immersive conferencing - the next best thing to being there in person

Itís difficult to build relationships with colleagues and customers in distant locations, especially when you add up the cost of travel, the scheduling challenges, and the time and productivity lost in the process.

With telepresence, virtual conferencing is the next best thing to being there in person. The technology is practically invisible, making users feel more comfortable as though they are sitting together at the same table instead of separated by miles. The telepresence experience is so life-like youíll forget youíre communicating over video.

Telepresence equipment benefits

  • Ergonomically engineered acoustics, furniture, lighting, and seat positioning work together to make the technology virtual invisible, making this a totally immersive environment.
  • Preconfigured cameras and screens deliver life-size, high-definition images.
  • Discreetly placed microphones and speakers provide crystal-clear sound that approaches the quality of an in-person conversation.
  • Easy to use technology and support services makes users feel comfortable