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1. "A yellow Internet Explorer message bar is on my screen."

For users with Internet Explorer 7 or greater, you may have experienced difficulty in accessing WebJoin.

Step 1: If you received the following pop-up message, please click on the yellow bar.

Webjoin - blocked download

Step 2: Click on Download File.

Webjoin - download file

Step 3: After clicking the download button, you may need to wait an additional ten seconds before WebJoin begins joining you to the conference.

2. "I'm getting an 'invalid email address or passcode' message."

Step 1: Double check that your email address and passcode were entered correctly.


Step 2: If your information is correct and still not being accepted, it's possible the email address we have on file for you is no longer valid.

  • If your email address has recently changed you may try to enter the conference using your old email address when prompted.
  • Alternatively, contact the helpdesk and verify the email address we have on file is correct. Please note: you will need to verify your identity before the helpdesk can assist in editing your information.