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BT Engage Meeting Manager

Manage your video conferencing experience from your own computer.

What is BT Engage Meeting Manager?

BT's Engage Meeting Manager is a web-based software application that gives you the flexibility and convenience of scheduling, launching, monitoring, and controlling unified meetings, be it from your PC, iPad or android device. A unified meeting can include video + audio + web. Designed with the non-technical user in mind, BT Engage is an easy to use tool that prevents resource conflicts and ensures that the video component of the meeting has the desired features available during the call.


Our goal is to make your unified meeting experience easy, cost-effective, and reliable, from initial reservation though post-conference evaluation. BT Engage gives you a direct interface to the database that our conference production and help desk experts use to support customers. This gives you the reliability of a support team with the flexibility and control of self-service tools. There's no need to purchase and install additional software - BT Engage is a secure online application that lets you manage your video conferencing experience to your own work style.

Use BT Engage to:

  • Schedule and launch full-service and self-service automated unified meetings.
  • Track endpoint information.
  • Analyse system utilisation.
  • Evaluate trouble tickets.
  • Administer site and user data.
  • Track system health with Remote Equipment Monitoring (REM).
  • Access online reporting
  • Provide disaster and overflow protection