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BT MeetMe for Microsoft Lync Online

Enhance Microsoft Lync Online with BT MeetMe for Microsoft Lync Online integrated audio conferencing from BT.

  • Extend access to Lync Online meetings via fixed-line or mobile phone

How to order BT MeetMe for Microsoft Lync Online

It's easy to set up an account, simply complete our online registration form and a BT Conferencing Account Manager will contact you to discuss your requirements.

What is it?

BT MeetMe for Microsoft Lync Online is based on our reservationless audio conferencing service, BT MeetMe, and provides a high-quality, secure and reliable audio conferencing experience on Lync Online meetings, accessed via a fixed-line or mobile phone. End users also enjoy intuitive in-conference call control from within the Lync meeting window, including "invite by phone", mute, eject, and end audio call.

When would I use it?

Lync Online + BT MeetMe for Microsoft Lync Online, ideal for:

Scheduled Lync Online meetings -

  • Perfect for conferences that include external participants
  • Enable attendees to join via the Lync client, dial into a PSTN bridge (public bridge), or dial them into your conference
  • Why BT Conferencing?

    As a Microsoft approved Lync Online audio conferencing provider, with a long standing relationship in developing solutions to support Microsoft's top tier services, our focus is to seamlessly extend Lync Online, so you can enjoy more productive meetings, more of the time, using the familiar devices you depend on every day to keep in touch.

    We've been continuously innovating and investing in conferencing solutions for more than 25 years, providing video, audio, web and streaming services across the globe with an unwavering commitment to providing better ways to connect and interact. By simplifying technology and increasing usage, we've enabled thousands of customers to collaborate more effectively, and ultimately transform the way they work together, whether it's in the office, at home, on the road or around the world.

    And, no matter what your requirements are, our dedicated service team is available 24x7x365 to provide support.

    Key Benefits

    • Meet instantly - Bring people together over the phone whenever you need to, with no prior booking required.
    • Available at any time, every day of the year.
    • Increased productivity - Engage with people who may be working remotely, external to your company, or do not have Internet access.
    • Audio help desk support - 24/7 BT Conferencing operator assistance via *0 on your telephone keypad, or by calling our help desk for any audio enabled call.
    • Technical expertise - Access to conferencing specialists for rapid fault resolution so you can quickly move on with your business.

    Key Features

    • Integrated dial-out function to quickly join participants directly into your call.
    • Single set of access numbers, simplified access means more productive meetings with calls starting on time and more people joining.
    • Integrated in call control, control how you call flows with mute, eject, and end call.

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