Global Access Dial-in Numbers for BT MeetMe

Use Global Access numbers if you and your participants are in different countries. These numbers are local numbers you can dial to join the same conference regardless of location while also avoiding the cost and hassle of international long-distance.

Important! The number you need to dial is associated with the chairperson's account, therefore it is the chairperson's responsibility to supply the correct numbers to his or her participants.

Find and click on the dial-in number supplied to you by the chairperson

If the chairperson DID NOT provide you with a dial-in number

  • Contact the chairperson, and them to provide you a link to the correct list of dial-in numbers
  • OR, contact the helpdesk. You will need the know the participant passcode associated with the call.

If you are not using BT MeetMe or BT Premium Event, please consult your meeting invite for a list of your dial-in numbers.

Help desk phone numbers

If you need help during a call please press *0 on your keypad. Otherwise, you can contact one of our advisors using the global helpdesk.