BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice

Watch a video introducing the BT and Dolby partnership Hear the difference that Dolby Voice makes

In partnership with Dolby®, BT brings you BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice
an exclusive, best-in-class audio conferencing service

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In addition to the existing BT MeetMe capability, this new service delivers

  • High quality sound - background noise reduction combined with high definition quality
  • Voice separation - sounds come from different directions (just like being round the meeting room table)

Experience less tiring and more interactive calls, workshops, and executive meetings

  • Understand who is talking - so more time can be focussed on what is being said
  • Understand what is said if more than one person talks at the same time

Point and click to attend from PC and Mac or tap in from mobile app

  • Desktop client - a simple user interface with easy navigation to a feature-rich set of conference controls
  • Mobile app - high-quality audio over Wi-Fi or 4G, available on iOS and Android devices

Dolby® Conference Phone - brings the Dolby Voice experience to the meeting room

  • Captures everything that is said in the meeting room
  • Provides a simple, elegant design and user experience
  • Intuitive touch screen makes it easy to launch and control meetings

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