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My WebEx

My WebEx is an area on your Meeting Center website in where you can access your user account and personal productivity features.

My WebEx provides the following features:

  • My Meetings —Provides lists of all the meetings that you are hosting and attending.
  • My Files —Lets you store files in personal folders on your Meeting Center website, where you can access them on any computer that has access to the Internet. Also lets you make specific files available on your Personal Meeting page, so visitors to your page can access them.
  • My Contacts —Lets you keep information about your personal contacts on your Meeting Center website, where you can quickly access them when inviting attendees to a meeting.
  • My Reports —View usage information for your meetings.
  • Preferences —Set your preferences for this website.
  • Training —Provide description of training services available to you.
  • Support —Provides a list of support contact information and access to links for online support and documentation.