Video collaboration

With Engage Meeting Manager integration


Benefits of Video collaboration:

  • Connect face-to-face with colleagues and customers regardless of location
  • Reduce the cost and hassles of travel
  • Share documents and applications in real-time
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Increase productivity


How to organize: Book via the BT Engage Meeting Manager web portal

BT Engage Meeting Manager login request

Request a login for BT Engage Meeting Manager by completing the information here. Once processed, you'll receive an email with your login details.

Logging in

  1. Go to
  2. Select BT Engage Meeting Manager Suite.
  3. Enter your username (which is your email address) and your password (located in your welcome email). You'll need to change this password the first time you log in.
  4. Click Go.

Scheduling a meeting

  1. After logging in, select BT Engage Meeting Manager or Schedule.
  2. Select Add New Meeting in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select Self-service.
  4. Type a name in the 'What is the name of the meeting?' field.
  5. Select meeting date and time in the 'When would you like the meeting to start?' field.
  6. Select the meeting duration in the 'How long would you like the meeting to be?' field.
  7. Click Next Step.
  8. Select the sites that you want to include in your meeting.
  9. Select a site for: 'Which site will be the host site for this meeting?'.
  10. Click Next Step and review your meeting selections.
  11. Click Create Meeting.
  12. Once your meeting is created, you'll receive two emails:
    • a confirmation email with meeting details
    • an Outlook appointment that can be added to your calendar.

Extending a meeting

  1. Log into BT Engage Meeting Manager.
  2. Type the date of the meeting in the field to the left of the calendar icon or click on the calendar icon to navigate to the meeting date.
  3. Click once on the meeting to be extended from the list of meetings displayed in colour-coded boxes at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click Take Control of this Meeting located at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select the number of minutes to extend the meeting from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Extend Meeting.
  7. Review the new end-time for the meeting at the top of the screen.


How to organize: Book via the BT Engage Meeting Mobile app

  1. Open the Engage app and login
  2. Select the + button on the top-right corner
  3. Enter the name/subject of your meeting
  4. Select:
    • Meeting type from the drop-down menu
    • Begin and End time of your meeting
    • Launch now (yes/no)
    • Manual launch (yes/no)
    • Select sites
  5. Select sites:
    • Lookup the sites you want to meet with by searching on the site name
    • Desktop participants can be added by moving the volume bar in the bottom right corner (max 20)
    • Select Audio/Web in the bottom right corner
  6. Audio/Web select:
    • Choose the amount of audio participants
    • Enable Web participants (yes/no)
    • Use Unique Pin (yes/no)
    • Select next step
  7. Verify your internal cost code reference if needed, then select Preview
  8. If all meeting settings are satisfactory select Create Meeting
  9. The system will confirm your booking via email

View the Engage Meeting Mobile App FAQs >


How to organize: Book via the BT reservations desk (phone)

  1. Contact the Helpdesk and be ready with the following information:
    • date, time and duration of the meeting
    • location of each participant
    • name of the presenter(s) or host(s)
    • your billing reference number (if needed)
  2. The video coordinator will help you to choose the type of video meeting you need to schedule, and any additional features.
  3. Once your video meeting is booked, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the information you and the meeting participants need to join your meeting.


How to organize: Book via MS Outlook

You may schedule video meetings using your Outlook calendar from a desktop application, Office 365, or your Microsoft Outlook Web Application.

  1. Open a new meeting invite in the Outlook calendar.
  2. Fill in the invitees, Subject, etc., then press Rooms…
    Room selection when booking a video meeting in Outlook
  3. Rooms, Conference Type (Self-Service, Producer-Assisted, or Room-Only Reservation), and Meeting Options (ability to invite Audio dial-in, desktop video dial-in, or web participants) are all selected from the 'Rooms…' button. Only the options that are relevant to your business will appear.
  4. 'Scheduling Assistant' may be used to view participant and room availability:
    Scheduling Assistant when booking a video meeting in Outlook
  5. The 'Rooms…' button displays a pull-down menu under the 'Address Book' that will allow you to choose your 'Video Meeting Options' in the same way that you add rooms to your meeting.
    Room options when booking a video meeting in Outlook
  6. Finally, include your agenda and any notes that you wish to share with the people you have invited to the meeting. Then, click Send.

The meeting will immediately appear in your Outlook Calendar, and the invitation will be sent to the people and rooms that you specified.

Within a couple of minutes, meeting details – rooms, date and time, conference type and meeting options – will be confirmed. Meeting details and joining instructions are embedded in the Calendar Event. Also, the Meeting Requestor receives an email that summarizes the rooms and meeting options invited, that includes a link to a screen where they can be changed. They can just as easily be changed from the Calendar, too.


How to organize: Meet via your virtual meeting room (on demand/ad-hoc)

You can invite participants to your virtual meeting room by sending them your virtual meeting room details and asking them to dial-in.

You can use any communications tool to send them your virtual room details: a text message, a Skype message, a calendar invite, etc.

Your virtual room details were sent to you when your account was created. For assistance in retrieving those details please contact your help desk.

Here is an example of how virtual meeting room details look in a MS Outlook invite:
Virtual meeting room details email


How to join: Join from your video room system

Depending on the video solution you have you will be able to join a video conference by:

  • Just walking into the video room - the BT Engage system will have already connected your room to the conference.
  • Touching the meeting icon on the touch panel of your video system.
    Join from video room system - touch the meeting icon on the touch panel
  • Dialing the dial string that fits your video room (H323 or SIP) using the touchpad or remote of your video room.


How to join: Join from Skype for Business

At the scheduled time, you and your attendees can join the meeting from your Skype for Business app (mobile or desktop).

Simply click the 'Skype for Business' link in the invitation to launch the app.

See the Skype for Business help center for additional guidance on how to use Skype.

Join from Skype for Business


How to join: Join from the Cisco Meeting App

At the scheduled time, you and your attendees can join the meeting from a web browser via Cisco Meeting App (CMA) on mobile or desktop.

  1. In your meeting invite, click the link under 'Web Browser' to launch the app.
    Join from Cisco Meeting App - invite
  2. When prompted enter your name and click Join meeting.
    Join from Cisco Meeting App - Join screen
  3. Select your camera, microphone and speakers and test that they are working. When ready, click Join meeting.
    Join from Cisco Meeting App - Meeting entry screen
  4. You're now in the meeting!
    Join from Cisco Meeting App - Meeting view

See the Cisco Meeting App User Guide for additional guidance.


How to join: Join from Cisco Jabber

At the scheduled time, you and your attendees can join the meeting from your Cisco Jabber Video app (mobile or desktop).

Simply click the Cisco Jabber Video link in the invitation to launch the app.

See the Jabber Help Center for additional guidance.

Join from Cisco Jabber - invite


FAQS: General

  1. What information will I need to provide when booking the video meeting?
    • The date and time of your meeting (confirm this ahead of time with all participants and video locations).
    • Which sites you want to connect to (confirm that each physical meeting room is available ahead of time).
  2. Can I add audio participants to a video meeting?

    Yes, simply choose this option when booking your call.

  3. How many different locations can I have in a video meeting?
    • You can meet with up to 12 different sites simultaneously when using the self-service video meeting option.
    • If you need to connect more than 12 sites simultaneously, you should schedule a managed video meeting.
  4. How do I start the video call meeting at the time of the meeting?

    Your video meeting will start automatically at the time of your call. We recommend that participants arrive at the meeting room Meeting early to make sure the room is in order, equipment is powered on and the camera angle and audio volume is properly adjusted.

  5. What if I can't hear or see anything on the video screen meeting?

    It's unlikely that your system or the service has failed. Check:

    • the power on your TV monitor is on
    • the right channel is selected
    • video / audio is un-muted on the TV monitors and the video hardware
    • all the cables and connections.

    If you still experience problems, please call the help desk.

  6. How do I end a video meeting?

    When your meeting is finished, select the 'call hang up' option at the top of the remote.

  7. How do I extend, edit or end a video meeting that's in progress?

    You can call the help desk at any time to extend, edit or end a video meeting.


FAQS: Engage Meeting Mobile app

  1. Are there any pre-requisites to downloading the BT Engage Meeting Mobile App?

    Yes, you need to use BT video conferencing services and have a BT Engage Meeting Manager account. The mobile app works with this web-based software application to give you the flexibility and convenience of scheduling, launching, monitoring and controlling video meetings when you're on the go. You must have an iPhone or iPad, Android OS device, or Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device to operate the app.

  2. How do I download BT Engage Meeting Mobile?

    Visit your app store from your device and search for "BT Engage Meeting Mobile". Download and install the free BT Engage Meeting Mobile App. From there, login with your BT Engage Meeting Manager username and password, and you're ready to start managing and scheduling your video meetings and resources. You must have an iPhone or iPad, Android OS device, or Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device to operate the app.

  3. How do I get login / account information for the BT Engage Meeting Mobile App?

    You can use your existing BT Engage Meeting Manager web portal user name / password to access the phone app.

Scheduling with your BT Engage Meeting Mobile App

  1. How do I cancel a future meeting?

    Click on any meeting from either the 'List' or 'Calendar' view after login, and then click the Cancel button on the meeting detail screen. If the 'Cancel' button is not visible, it's likely too late to cancel, or the video meeting was not set-up as a self-service call.

  2. How do I control an ongoing video meeting?

    If a self-service video meeting is currently in progress, a 'Control' button will be visible on the meeting detail screen, which brings up the meeting controller screen.

    On the meeting controller screen, a green checkmark next to the site name indicates if the site is connected, while a red cross indicates that the site is disconnected (no video). A temporary question mark icon means the status is being refreshed. You can connect / disconnect each site by tapping the site name, after which a spinning wheel icon will appear momentarily next to the site indicating it's being connected / disconnected.

  3. How do I pick sites on the Site Selection screen?

    Simply tap a site name to select / de-select each site.

  4. How do I change the host site of a new meeting?

    By default, the first site you selected will be used as the host site. You have the option to change to a different site on the 'Preview' screen by tapping a site name.

    FAQs Engage Meeting Mobile - Control meeting screen

    This screen is automatically refreshed to reflect connected sites and your meeting status. You can optionally extend or end a live meeting using the corresponding button.

  5. I can schedule a meeting using the web portal, but I don't see the Add Meeting (Plus-sign) button after I sign in to the app. Why?

    This is probably because your organization requires special steps when scheduling a meeting that is outside of the capability of the current mobile app. Check with your administrator to discuss the issues you're having. Also, please look for future updates in the app store, as we keep adding more features.

  6. What types of meetings can I schedule with this app?

    You can schedule either a room reservation, or a self-service video meeting, provided your organization is provisioned for either or both of these meeting types.

  7. How do I schedule a video meeting that starts right away?

    On the 'Meeting Type / Time' screen, when you choose the self-service video meeting type, a 'Launch Now' Yes / No switch will appear. If 'Yes' is selected, the meeting will start right after you schedule it, and the meeting controller screen will display automatically.

  8. What sites can I view and schedule a meeting with?

    You can view / select any sites associated with your login credentials. Any sites that aren't available during the chosen time slot won't appear on the 'Site Selection' screen.

  9. How do I manually start a meeting?

    If your user account is provisioned for the manual-start option, you can start a scheduled video meeting (and have all sites connected at once) by clicking the 'Start' button on the meeting detail screen, as soon as the meeting start time arrives. Otherwise, your video meeting will start automatically.

  10. Will I get standard confirmation for the meetings I have scheduled using BT Engage Meeting Mobile?

    Yes. All normal meeting confirmations / iCals will be sent out in the same way as if you scheduled a video meeting using the web portal.

  11. Can I schedule recurring meetings?

    Not at this time. You can only schedule stand-alone meetings with the app, but you can schedule recurring meetings through our BT Engage Meeting Manager tool.


  1. What can I do with BT Engage Meeting Mobile?

    You can view / cancel / control your meetings, as well as schedule new meetings.

  2. What meetings can I view with this app?

    You can view any future meetings where you are either the requestor or the host. Meetings that have been cancelled or have ended in the past won't be visible from this app.

  3. What does the icon next to each meeting mean?
    Engage Meeting Mobile app icon - Video meeting

    Video meeting

    Engage Meeting Mobile app icon - Room reservation

    Room reservation

    Engage Meeting Mobile app icon - Video meeting in progress

    Video meeting in progress

Best Practices

Good video meeting practices are a combination of manners and presentation skills. Read through the tips below for a successful video meeting.

  • Arrive before the start of your video meeting to make sure you're comfortable with the room arrangement and equipment. Place the microphone and keypad in the middle of the table. Mute the microphone until you're ready to start the call.
  • Can you be seen? Check self-view or the picture-in-picture (PIP) view to make sure you and any other participants can be seen. Lighting should be on your face, not coming from behind (close any curtains or blinds).
  • The remote control is all you need. You can use the remote to adjust the volume or camera angle if needed.
  • Speak clearly and act naturally. You don't need to shout. Don't tap the table or rustle papers unnecessarily. Address participants clearly by name.
  • Look at the camera, not the display screen. This will allow for 'eye contact' and a stronger connection with your participants.
  • Don't be distracted by incoming phone calls, emails or people walking by your room.
  • Need to talk privately? Be sure to use the mute button, so you aren't overheard.
  • Audio-only participants? For optimum sound quality, make sure the speakerphone is placed in a central position on the table.
  • Need to extend your meeting time? Call the help desk at least 10 minutes before the scheduled end of your video meeting to arrange an extension (subject to room availability), or use your BT Engage Meeting Manager control function to check availability and extend your meeting.
  • If you have any issues, call the help desk right away. Don't try to adjust any of the equipment or cords on your own.
  • At the end of your meeting, select 'End Call' on your remote. Please don't unplug the video equipment.

Help desk phone numbers

If the above information has not resolved your questions, contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.